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• a particularly interesting item of news or piece of information
• a morsel; a small dish of pleasant-tasting food

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Poor Richard gets a Facelift

Nearly three hundred years ago now—from 1732 through 1758—Benjamin Franklin ran a periodical called Poor Richard’s Almanack. He published in the American Colonies for those twenty-five-ish years; his best year circulated to about 10,000 subscribers.

Starting the Tidbits in Time Almanac in 2007, we’re well on the way to surpassing his record. Of course, three hundred years is a long time and the world has changed. Distribution by Internet is a lot easier than horse. But people still love to read the tidbits of the day; so maybe things haven’t changed as much as it seems.

There are four criteria that we take very seriously around here: Firstly, every tidbit has to be interesting; no boring stuff allowed. Secondly, each item has to be short; no eating-up time for readers and listeners. Thirdly, we love autodidacts and adventures down the rabbit hole, so there’s always a link to help you dig deeper. And lastly, we insist on it being free to read or listen to — you’ll NEVER hit a paywall.

So we pulled the old formula out of the trunk, dusted it off a little, and re-tooled it for the modern Internet. Pretty sure if we asked him, ol’ Ben would look the other way.


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    Van Zelfden

    E. Adrian Van Zelfden, Jr. earned a BS in Economics, an MBA, a JD; and holds a joint license as both a Certified Public Accountant and an Attorney. He’s the author of six books on business, tax, and asset protection; not to mention numerous articles and presentations.

    As a boy, he earned the Eagle Scout badge, and later served as a U.S. Air Force Officer; honorably discharged at the rank of Captain.

    Professionally, he’s prepared income tax returns every tax season since 1974. In 2002, he founded a local tax practice group to assist colleagues with accredited continuing education.

    I am hoping that every subscriber will find something and say to him- or herself “that’s interesting” or “I never knew that before” or “that was fun.”

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